CANAL – Cobol Analyzer

A free and open-source COBOL editor and analysis tool

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Find your way

Easily navigate through performs, gotos and calls, within one or between several files.

Everything at a glance

Just double-click to see what a procedure references and what is it referenced by, as well as all variables it uses.

Structure uncovered

See your procedures sorted alphabetically, by sections or as a perform-hierarchy.

Incredibly fast and beautiful

Based on the FastColoredTextBox-project and combined with Adobe's Source Code Pro font, analysing COBOL was never more delightful. And all that in less then 4MB.

Where is that defined?

Just double-click on any variable to see its definition, double-click again to jump to the source.

Made for humans, not compilers.

Let CANAL find copy-books and insert them into the source code for you.

More features

Code formatting

Column selection



HTML export


CANAL is developed with dedication by Jannik Arndt in his spare time, used by him and his team every work day and licensed GPL v3.0.